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I love writing content that sounds human and is written for humans – it comes from my background in journalism.  So when I was asked to write a thought leadership piece for World Youth Skills Day, I wanted to find an interesting person to help me write interesting content.

The biggest challenge we face in the UK at the moment, apart from the pandemic, is the employment crisis and recession that has resulted from it. Young people are going to be the hardest hit as they try to enter the workplace, just as there are fewer jobs available.

I was asked to write one piece of content, until I discovered Jack Parsons. At 25 he is already the UK’s Chief Youth Advisor and CEO of The Youth Group. Jack was described to me as; ‘an exceptional young man’. So, I had to find out more.

Luckily, Jack was more than happy to chat about the employment challenges facing young people. After a really interesting 20 minute chat over the phone I had what I needed to write a nice Q&A as a secondary piece linking from the broader thought leadership piece.

The two pieces were uploaded to the client’s website and shared on social media. The interview was then featured in FE news which is read by 200,000 educators.

When writing content from a business point of view it can be easy to forget that it’s people who make businesses work. Humans aren’t perfect; we have challenges, achievements, emotions and thoughts that make us all uniquely interesting and that can make our content interesting too.

If you need interesting content and want a writer to make your business copy sound more human, get in touch and let’s talk it through; one human to another!

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